Working with architects, interior designers, and property developers as well as the homeowners who will enjoy the outcome, Loop’s expertise is in specifying and installing bespoke smart home systems and making sure that they’re perfect.

Our expertly designed installations meet the most demanding standards of performance and aesthetic considerations.

Whether you want a discrete, hidden system that automates your home’s security, lighting, and environmental controls, or to indulge your family and guests with the sensory delights of an immersive home-cinema experience, or even interactive artwork, we’ll make it happen.

How about your own home night-club with illuminated dancefloor and professional sound-system? Reactive ambience for your indoor pool or gym that recognises people and tunes the sensory environment according to their individual preferences? Party-lighting with 3D projection mapping for digital spooks at Halloween or fireworks on New Years’ Eve? Hidden speakers and illumination for your garden? A noise-cancelling reading area for your private library? Windows or other interior glass panels that look perfectly transparent but can display the news, stock prices, or become a virtual fish-tank?

We can do that. The only limit is your imagination.